About me

As an immunologist, my research focus is investigating the role of immune cells in tissue homeostasis and diseases.

I am Gajanan D. Katkar, a Project Scientist in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, with a primary interest in understanding the mechanisms that regulate the function of macrophages and neutrophils in immunity and inflammatory diseases through basic/translational research.

My research background is focused on immunology and transdisciplinary projects that utilize a combination of biochemical, enzymology, molecular biology, genetic, proteomic, and cell-based tools to gain insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms that modulate immune cell functions in homeostasis and diseases.

I am currently investigating the role of non-canonical G-protein signaling in immune cells and identifying novel therapeutic targets using stem cells, and human organoids.

I have published several original research and review articles.
Visit me online at www.gajanankatkar.com/.

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